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Infinite stock transactions

The impact of billions of financial transactions every day is not understood by ANYONE.  Run away from anyone who wants your money and says they do. On May 6th, 2010 the market experienced what was has been called a ‘flash… Continue Reading →

Infinite banking – Iceland, the canary in the coal mine

Who knew that Icelandic banks were doing the same kind of investing in mortgage backed derivatives as U.S. banks, and that U.K. consumers banked at Icelandic banks, and U.K. local governments invested in Icelandic bank investments.  And who knew that… Continue Reading →

The U.S. is infinitely broken

The current financial crisis has been a long time coming.  The country is now reaping the results of decades of effort to evade economic cause and effect. Some government debt is understandable and often desirable as a means to accomplish… Continue Reading →

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