“tl;dr” is a coloquial abbreviation on internet forums and messages, and means “too long, didn’t read”.  A humorous and sarcastic response to someone else’s message being deemed too long.

With blogs and social media, millions now have an outlet for ‘something to say’, including this blog.  Unfortunately, most people don’t have an ‘editor’ to cut down the less interesting, or often needlessly expansive prose, to just the ‘good stuff’.

This VAST expansion in content is a problem because many articles and messages have some good content, but it’s lost in a sea of text, images, video, etc.  Video only is another the way to go, but despite great options like YouTube, many do not have sufficient skill to make a video worth watching (think boring home movies!).  YouTube’s 10 minute limit to videos may be a stroke of genius forcing people to “keep it pithy” as Bill O’Reilly would say.

Before this post becomes “tl;dr”, let’s stop right here.