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Brick and mortar losing more ground to online through infinite competition

The TV news story is repeated so often we all know the script.  It goes something like this: News talking head (NTH): “We now go to Bob Smith at the local mall to tell us how the retailers are doing… Continue Reading →

Infinite cars

Manufacturers have become so good at making millions of highly reliable vehicles that the world is awash in them.  And this was true before the recent financial melt down, and is still before China begins producing and exporting decent vehicles… Continue Reading →

Infinite banking – Iceland, the canary in the coal mine

Who knew that Icelandic banks were doing the same kind of investing in mortgage backed derivatives as U.S. banks, and that U.K. consumers banked at Icelandic banks, and U.K. local governments invested in Icelandic bank investments.  And who knew that… Continue Reading →

The U.S. is infinitely broken

The current financial crisis has been a long time coming.  The country is now reaping the results of decades of effort to evade economic cause and effect. Some government debt is understandable and often desirable as a means to accomplish… Continue Reading →

Retail margins approach 1 / infinity!

Consumers today have almost infinite choices where to buy goods and services. Customers in high volume ‘discount’ stores are no longer just those with low incomes.  Consumers with plenty of disposable income choose to shop at stores like Sams and… Continue Reading →

Infinite money

Infinite Competition, enabled by efficient communications, computers, and transportation, has brought many developing nations into the global marketplace that were not in it before.  Many of these nations have become, on a relative basis compared to earlier, fabulously wealthy.  Now… Continue Reading →

Infinite communication

How many ways do you communicate? E-mail? Web forms? Blog? Paper? Instant messenger? Text messaging? Cell phone? Faxes? Postal service? POTS (plain old telephone system)? Advertising? These are just a few and you probably use most of them and more…. Continue Reading →

American Idol and Infinite Art

Traditional music publishers have held a tight grip on distribution, promotion, and deciding who will become popular!  The British television show Pop Idol, and now the American megahit American Idol, have turned this on its head, letting a potentially infinite… Continue Reading →

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