How many ways do you communicate? E-mail? Web forms? Blog? Paper? Instant messenger? Text messaging? Cell phone? Faxes? Postal service? POTS (plain old telephone system)? Advertising? These are just a few and you probably use most of them and more.

If we don’t yet have quite an infinite ways to communicate, we are moving toward an infinite number of channels among the ways and the quantities today are staggering between internet traffic, cell phone minutes and messaging, etc.

Besides all the ways you communicate, how MUCH are you communicating or at least trying to deal with?  Does a text message or IM or e-mail ever come at a bad time but you feel compelled to respond to it?  Do you get tons of bad jokes from friends and people you don’t know which you feel bad ignoring but you do anyway.  And then there’s spam.  One person’s treasure is another person’s spam!  Again the quantities are STAGGERING.

So what is infinite communication doing to us?  Leave a comment!  If you have time… 🙂