With so many people out of work, the competition for the few open jobs is now enormous.  As competition for jobs approaches infinity, the importance of a great resume is higher than ever.

Most people are not great writers and do not know how to create a good, let alone great, career resume.  So to help people, a seemingly infinite number of web sites are springing up offering people a way to improve their resume.  Most of these sites will take an existing resume, edit it, and give it back, for a  fee of course.  Fees range widely, as apparently do the skills of these service providers!

Many appear to be in far off lands with probably little clue about a customer’s job market or even culture.

A friend, as well as an experienced and successful recruiter, recently launched EmploymentBOOST.com, providing resume improvement services.  He knows what employers respond to and what they don’t.  He is even getting customers who have used other services already (and did a terrible job!).

Don’t be fooled by low prices, use a service with a real background in HR and recruiting.

In a job market nearing Infinite Competition, your resume is CRITICAL!