Google‘s rise to search dominance has been accepted and embraced by the masses.  Why?  The infinite surge in information on the internet meant people needed a SIMPLE, fast, and reasonably accurate way to find relevant and timely information.  Google met the need!

But search goes so much beyond what google does, with needs approaching infinity.

Where’s that picture I took?  On the internet?  On my hard drive?  On an external drive?  On my phone?  On a DVD somewhere?

Where’s that document I wrote?

startlogoAs much flak as Vista has taken from ‘experts’ and the public (mostly because people don’t want to learn something new after having used XP for too long and because signed drivers weren’t available for old hardware initially), the search capability in it is really good.  Click the flag logo (bottom left of the screen usually), and unlike XP, a search box is always present at the bottom of the menu that appears.  Type anything in there, and Vista immediately tries to find files, web sites, programs, e-mails, and more, that match what you typed!  It’s VERY well done.

In a world of infinite information and data, we need a great search tool.  A tip of the hat to Microsoft for getting this right.