Almost everyone has bills to pay, and most people still receive at least some of their bills as paper statements or invoices.  Businesses spend VAST amounts of money on paper, envelopes, printing, sorting, stuff, and mailing these things out.  What a gigantic waste of paper, effort, energy and money.  Of course consumers and businesses end up paying for this one way or another in the products and services they buy.

Many companies are relentlessly ‘encouraging’ consumers and businesses to accept electronic (typically e-mail) delivery or notification of new statements or invoices.  Instead of the companies saying they’re trying to save money though (that would be too obvious), they ‘spin’ it in other ways, telling people to ‘go green’, ‘go paperless’, etc.  But most companies couldn’t care less about you, they just want to save money (and increase profits)!  Perhaps companies would have more success if they gave consumers a DISCOUNT for going paperless.  Between the paper, the printing, the stuffing, mailing & postage, and logistics, perhaps it costs company $1 a bill to send out.  So give people a $1/month discount on their phone bill if they go paperless!  Perhaps a lot more people would switch.