Around and around, faster and faster

Infinite stock transactions

The impact of billions of financial transactions every day is not understood by ANYONE.  Run away from anyone who wants your money and says they do. On May 6th, 2010 the market experienced what was has been called a ‘flash… Continue Reading →

Infinite Healthcare crisis – the case for more rationing

Americans want the best health care for free or for their employers to pay for it.  But NOTHING is free.  Someone has to pay for it.  As the nation’s demographics shift toward older Americans, as lifespans lengthen (partly due to… Continue Reading →

Infinite content, or tl;dr

“tl;dr” is a coloquial abbreviation on internet forums and messages, and means “too long, didn’t read”.  A humorous and sarcastic response to someone else’s message being deemed too long. With blogs and social media, millions now have an outlet for… Continue Reading →

“Infinite” countries, near zero agreement

193 nations met in frozen Copenhagen to try to hammer out a verifiable, legal deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions and financial pledges from ‘developed’ nations to ‘developing’ and other nations.  In summary: they failed. Trying to get 193 nations… Continue Reading →

The end of infinite postal mail

We have lived in a world of vast quantities of postal mail, delivered faithfully every day by dedicated postal workers. The vast majority of postal mail today though is either ‘junk mail’, or ‘bills’. Most people don’t want junk mail…. Continue Reading →

Infinite social media

It’s no secret that social media is exploding globally. It’s exploding so fast that governments have no chance to follow what is happening.  They can of course impose draconian communication restrictions or even cut off sites, but that’s like putting… Continue Reading →

Infinite video

With the explosion in content on sites like youtube, vimeo, hulu, and many others, and the rapidly expanding “video blog” universe, we are approaching a world of infinite video. Video conveys a message faster, with more impact and emotion.  Humor… Continue Reading →

Infinite bills and wasted paper and energy

Almost everyone has bills to pay, and most people still receive at least some of their bills as paper statements or invoices.  Businesses spend VAST amounts of money on paper, envelopes, printing, sorting, stuff, and mailing these things out.  What… Continue Reading →

Infinite search or “where’s my stuff?”

Google‘s rise to search dominance has been accepted and embraced by the masses.  Why?  The infinite surge in information on the internet meant people needed a SIMPLE, fast, and reasonably accurate way to find relevant and timely information.  Google met… Continue Reading →

Infinite resumes, resume services, and

With so many people out of work, the competition for the few open jobs is now enormous.  As competition for jobs approaches infinity, the importance of a great resume is higher than ever. Most people are not great writers and… Continue Reading →

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